Zleek is 2nd Runner-Up in ComponentArt Silverlight Coding Competition

12 11 2009

Zleek placed 3rd in the ComponentArt Silverlight Coding Competition. Thank you to all who voted!

The winner of the competition, PuzzleTouch, combined usage of almost all of the new Silverlight 3 features – including Multi-Touch, Out-Of-Browser, and Perspective3D – with a slick UI. I highly recommend checking it out.


Zleek 2.0 is here!

23 09 2009

Zleek Logo

Zleek 2.0 has released!

Check it out at http://zleek.com.

Here are the new features:

  • Completely new design and flow – much easier to use.
  • Customizable albums (page color, border color, border sizes, etc)
  • Video support
  • Facebook integration (login and stream posts)

Those are the “new” features from the 1,000-foot level. In reality, the entire site was rewritten from scratch using new technologies and optimized workflows.

Here is the breakdown of what it’s using:

Check it out today!

ComponentArt Silverlight Competition

Please vote for us in the ComponentArt Summer Silverlight Coding Competition!

Agnition.Utils Code Drop

Due to the release, there is a new drop of the Agnition.Utils library containing our final production code. Get it now!