MIX ’09 Summary (so far…)

20 03 2009

Wow. MIX ’09 is over halfway over. First we have Silverlight 3 Beta with out-of-browser, hardware acceleration, multi-touch, RIA services, pixel shaders, H.264 support, a smaller runtime, and better rendering performance on Wednesday; accented by a great keynote about design by Bill Buxton and SketchFlow in Blend 3 (not to mention true support for Photoshop/Illustrator import).

Then we have the launch of IE8 with a hilarious introduction video about the history of the web from the perspective of a ninja.

And those were just the keynotes.

I met up with Rick Barraza and played around with his mind-blowing Surface applications. I watched Clint Rutkas show off videos of his bartender robot (Bartender.PourDrinkByName(“Irish Car Bomb”);) and self-balancing skateboard.

Then, there was the Show Off competition. I thought I was doing pretty well for a while until someone showed off a WPF webcam application with 3D object detection and Rick came along with his two (as if one wasn’t hard enough to beat) videos – one of the aforementioned Surface applications, and another where he used his Jedi powers demonstrating a WPF app that interfaced with a brain wave scanner for “thought control”. After those, I would be happy if I got a single vote for my entry which I guess is not bad for a single developer part-time with no budget.

Then, of course, there was getting to hang out with the smartest designers and developers on the planet.

Also, I’ve been making a fool out of myself taking pictures around MIX with my sons’ stuffed animals. Here’s scottgu playing along.

scottgu loves stuffed animals

scottgu loves stuffed animals

And here’s Bill Buxton.
The design guru

The design guru

They loved it, so it’s worth it.

For my friends at APS, I couldn’t resist this picture of Ward Bell and his Vegas jacket.

Mr. Las Vegas

Mr. Las Vegas

Anyway, check out my MIX photo album for some pictures of the event.




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